List of political parties contesting in Rajasthan assembly elections

Congress: Ruling Party, won in 2018. Ideology centered on secularism and social justice. Strong grassroots presence, but struggles with internal factionalism. Leadership tussle between Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot in 2023.

BJP: Main opposition party, dominant in Rajasthan, BJP’s success attributed to Hindu identity, development focus. Faces challenges in caste dynamics, coalition balancing. Vasundhara Raje expected to lead in 2023.

BSP: Represents marginalized sections, notably Dalits. Won 6 seats in 2018, supported Congress. Challenges in translating electoral gains to sustained political power.

RLP: Represents farmers and rural communities, founded by Hanuman Beniwal. Gained support in Jat-populated areas, won 3 seats in previous elections. Plays a crucial role in state politics.

CPM: Left-wing party active in areas with strong labor movements. Focus on land reforms, labor rights, and social justice. Limited influence compared to other political forces.

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