LATAM Boeing 787 Incident: Technical Issue Prompts Emergency Response, Injuring 50 Passengers on Sydney to Auckland Flight

A LATAM Boeing 787 flying from Sydney to Auckland experienced an unexpected descent due to a technical issue, leading to injuries sustained by 50 passengers.

Initial reports from NZH indicated 24 injuries, but this number later rose to 50 following the incident.

The technical problem caused significant movement on board the LATAM flight, prompting an emergency response at Auckland Airport.

St John medical teams swiftly mobilized, dispatching ambulances, operations managers, and support vehicles to assist affected passengers.

Approximately 50 patients were treated by St John crews, with one individual in serious condition and the remainder in moderate to minor conditions.

Thirteen patients required transportation to Middlemore Hospital, while the aircraft safely landed at Auckland Airport according to schedule.

Latam Airlines expressed regret for any inconvenience caused and reiterated its commitment to safety standards.

Auckland Airport’s emergency services cooperated with St John to provide necessary medical support for the Latam Airlines flight.

Additional ambulances were deployed to the scene to aid in the response effort.

Police redirected inquiries to St John, who managed the medical response.

As of 6 pm, ambulances continued to exit Auckland Airport after responding to the incident, indicating ongoing medical support efforts.

The incident underscores the importance of swift emergency response and collaboration between emergency services in ensuring passenger safety during air travel.

Passengers and crew affected by the incident will likely undergo medical evaluation and support to address any injuries sustained during the flight.

Updates regarding the incident may continue to emerge as authorities conduct investigations into the cause of the technical problem.

Despite the unfortunate events, the coordinated response by emergency services helped mitigate further harm and ensure the well-being of those involved.

Update: The New Zealand government is taking possession of black boxes from a LATAM Boeing 787 after the aircraft experienced a midair plunge and “froze” due to a reported “technical event,” resulting in 50 injuries and 12 hospitalizations.


A malfunction involving a cockpit seat possibly propelled the pilot into the controls of a Boeing Co. 787 aircraft en route to New Zealand this week, leading to a sudden descent that resulted in injuries to 50 passengers – as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

On Friday, Boeing instructed airlines operating 787 Dreamliners to inspect flight deck switches following an incident where a LATAM Airlines 787 plane experienced a sudden mid-air dive, resulting in over 50 injuries. The Air Current, a publication in the aviation industry, highlighted on Wednesday that the movement of a flight deck seat is a central focus of the investigation into Monday’s flight. Boeing stated on Friday that it had taken proactive measures by reminding operators of a 2017 service bulletin outlining procedures for inspecting and maintaining flight deck seat switches. Boeing recommended that operators conduct an inspection during the next maintenance opportunity.

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