Explore the Madhya Pradesh political landscape with intriguing exit polls!

Chanakya Exit Poll for Madhya Pradesh predicts that BJP may secure 151 seats with a margin of ±12, while Congress is expected to attain 74 seats with a margin of ±12. Other parties are projected to win around 5 seats with a margin of ±4 in the total of 230 seats.

According to the Matrize Exit Poll for Madhya Pradesh, out of the total 230 seats, BJP is anticipated to secure 118-130 seats, Congress may attain 97-107 seats, and other parties are expected to secure 0-2 seats.

According to the India Today Axis My India exit poll for Madhya Pradesh with 230 total seats, BJP is projected to secure 140-162 seats, Congress 68-90 seats, and Others 0-3 seats.

C-Voter’s Madhya Pradesh projections suggest a tight race, with the BJP aiming for 88-112 seats, the INC projecting 113-137 seats, the SP with 0 seats, and other parties expected to secure 2-8 seats.

India TV – CNX Projections indicate that in Madhya Pradesh, the BJP is expected to secure 140-159 seats, while the INC may attain 70-89 seats, with a possibility of 0-2 seats going to other parties.

As per TV9 Bharatvarsh – Polstrat, the seat projections for the upcoming elections indicate a potential range for BJP between 106-116 seats, INC securing 111-121 seats, and 0-6 seats for others.

Meanwhile, Jan Ki Baat projects BJP to attain 100-123 seats, INC to secure 102-125 seats, with 5 seats going to other parties.

The collective exit poll data for Madhya Pradesh in the 2023 elections, known as the poll of polls, forecasts a significant victory for the BJP with 130 seats, while the Congress is projected to secure 97 seats, and 3 seats are expected to be won by other parties.

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