Explore the Rajasthan political landscape with intriguing exit polls!

As per the India Today Group Axis My India exit poll for Rajasthan, out of the 199 seats polled from a total of 200, Congress is expected to secure 86-106 seats, BJP 80-100 seats, and Others 9-18 seats.

According to the Rajasthan exit poll by India TV, projections indicate Congress with 94-104 seats, BJP with 80-90 seats, and Others with 14-18 seats.

According to Today’s Chanakya Rajasthan Exit Poll, out of 199 seats, Congress+ is expected to secure around 101 seats with a margin of ±12, BJP is projected to win approximately 89 seats with a margin of ±12, and other parties are anticipated to secure around 9 seats with a margin of ±7.

Exit polls for Rajasthan from Jan Ki Baat suggest INC may secure 62-85 seats, BJP 100-122 seats, and others 14-15 seats.

PMARQ projections indicate INC with 69-91 seats, BJP with 105-125 seats, and others with 5-15 seats.

According to ETG, INC might attain 56-72 seats, BJP 108-128 seats, and others 13-21 seats.

The aggregated poll results for Rajasthan suggest a dominant performance for the BJP, projecting 109 seats for the party, 77 seats for Congress, and 13 seats for other parties in the poll of polls.

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