Explore the Telangana political landscape with intriguing exit polls!

According to the Times Now Navbharat ETG Telangana Exit Poll, out of the total 119 seats, Congress is projected to secure 60-70 seats, BRS 37-45 seats, BJP 6-8 seats, and AIMIM 2-4 seats. A total of 60 seats is needed to win.

In the Today’s Chanakya Telangana Exit Poll for the total of 119 seats, the projection indicates Cong+ with 71 ± 9 seats, BRS with 33 ± 9 seats, BJP+ with 7 ± 5 seats, and Others with 8 ± 3 seats.

According to India TV’s Telangana Exit Poll, out of the total 119 seats, the projections indicate that the Cong+ alliance may secure 63-79 seats, BRS 31-47 seats, BJP+ 2-4 seats, and AIMIM 5-7 seats.

Additionally, Jan Ki Baat projects BRS to secure 40-55 seats, INC 48-64 seats, AIMIM 4-7 seats, and BJP 7-13 seats.

CNX – India TV’s projections include BRS with 31-47 seats, INC with 63-79 seats, AIMIM with 5-7 seats, and BJP with 0-2 seats.

Meanwhile, C Voter – ABP suggests BRS may secure 38-54 seats, INC with 49-65 seats, AIMIM with 5-9 seats, and BJP with 5-13 seats.

In the cumulative poll projections for Telangana, the poll of polls anticipates Congress securing 54 seats, BRS obtaining 52 seats, BJP securing 7 seats, AIMIM securing 6 seats, and no seats projected for Others.

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