Shooting Incident Unfolds in Moscow Concert Hall: Russian Media Reports

A suspected terrorist incident has been reported in Moscow, where a shooting occurred at Crocus City Hall. The building, housing hundreds of people during the attack, was later engulfed in flames. At least three attackers were reportedly involved.

Several casualties reported following a shooting at an entertainment venue northwest of Moscow.

There has been a reported explosion at Crocus City Hall in Moscow following a shooting incident.

Urgent Update:

• The initial moments of the terrorist assault on Crocus City Hall attendees.

• In the footage, two masked militants armed with machine guns open fire on the crowd. Those nearest to them, positioned at the entrance, appear to be among the casualties.

• Approximately 50 individuals sustained injuries, with over 10 fatalities reported in the shooting at Crocus City Hall, as informed by security officials to 112 news outlet.

Witnesses are sharing videos showing a fierce fire at the Crocus Hall shopping center, the site of the terrorist attack. From the footage, it appears that the building’s roof is collapsing. Prior to this, both shooting and an explosion were reported inside the premises.

The instant the terrorists commenced shooting at civilians.

Four terrorists, armed and outfitted, are firing upon visitors inside the Crocus City Hall concert hall in Moscow.

Over 50 ambulance teams dispatched to scene of shooting close to Moscow, reports RIA.

ISIS claims responsibility for the attack in Moscow.

ISIS claims that the gunmen who conducted the attack at the Moscow concert hall were able to escape.

Russian officials have not yet commented on the status of the attackers.

The number of fatalities from the Moscow attack has climbed to 70, with some individuals perishing due to suffocation while seeking refuge in bathrooms – as reported by Readovka/SHOT.

At the site of the terrorist attack in Crocus Hall, the fire has been extinguished, and helicopters are operating in the sky. Numerous ambulances are stationed near the building to assist with casualties. Additionally, media reports indicate that an improvised explosive device (IED) was discovered on one of the bodies. Sappers were able to defuse the IED, averting further potential danger.

The identities of four out of the six suspected terrorists in the Crocus City Hall shooting have been disclosed, all confirmed to be Tajikistan citizens, as reported by BAZA.

The Tajik Foreign Ministry stated that Russian authorities did not share information regarding Tajikistan citizens’ alleged involvement in the terrorist incident in the Moscow region.

A picture depicting Hall No. 5 of Crocus City Hall has been shared on social media. Currently, this space is being utilized for the examination and initial identification process of deceased individuals.

Shooting Incident Unfolds in Moscow Concert Hall: Russian Media Reports

Two individuals suspected in the Moscow terrorist attack have been apprehended, while two others managed to flee, leaving a total of four men in the car. Inside the vehicle, authorities discovered a pistol and a machine gun.

After a chase, 19-year-old Muhammadsobir Fayzov, one of the detainees, was caught. He sustained injuries and is presently undergoing surgery at the hospital. In a photograph, he is depicted wearing handcuffs, with visible damage to his left eye, preventing it from closing.

Similar to the other terrorists, Fayzov was trying to avoid capture by seeking refuge in Ukraine.


Patrushev, the Secretary of the Russian Security Council, stated that the investigation into the attack on the Moscow concert hall indicates involvement by Ukrainian special services. However, he added that Kyiv is under full control of the United States, as reported by TASS.

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