Explosive Allegations: Facebook Accused of Selling User Messages to Netflix in $100 Million Deal

Facebook and Netflix, as per recent legal claims, are allegedly involved in a scenario where Facebook shared users’ direct messages with Netflix for almost a decade. This purported action was aimed at enabling Netflix to personalize content for its users, as mentioned in court documents reported by the Daily Mail.

Facebook reportedly sold its users’ private messages to Netflix for a staggering $100 million.

Allegations surfaced in a lawsuit claiming that Meta, Facebook’s parent company, permitted Netflix to access user direct messages for nearly ten years.

The lawsuit, filed by Maximilian Klein and Sarah Grabert, suggests a close relationship between Netflix and Facebook, with the latter granting tailored access to user data.

Court documents, unsealed on March 23 and filed in April as part of an anti-trust lawsuit against Meta, revealed the intricate ties between these tech giants.

It’s claimed that custom partnerships and integrations between Facebook and Netflix boosted the former’s ad targeting and ranking models since at least 2011.

The personal rapport between Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg allegedly facilitated these partnerships.

Lawyers assert that shortly after Hastings joined Facebook’s board of directors, the companies signed an agreement granting Netflix programmatic access to Facebook users’ private message inboxes through an “Inbox API” (Application Programming Interface).

Meta and Netflix issues clarification:

Meta Platforms Inc. has refuted accusations of selling access to Facebook Messenger conversations with Netflix Inc., labeling the claims as “shockingly untrue.” Meta clarified that its agreement with Netflix permitted users to share their viewing activity on Netflix with Facebook friends, but did not entail sharing private messages. This denial surfaces amidst a lawsuit alleging Meta and Netflix of engaging in a data-sharing arrangement aimed at profiting from advertising revenues.

In a statement, Netflix also responded to the allegations, affirming that “we prioritize data privacy and do not engage in the sale of user data to Facebook or any other entity” [4]. The streaming service underscored its commitment to adhering to all relevant laws and regulations concerning data privacy and safeguarding.

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