Maldives Cancels Hydrography Pact with India, Set to Terminate Agreement in June 2024

Maldives has decided to cancel a hydrography agreement signed with India by the previous government. The agreement, which allowed India to study and map the seabed around the Maldives, was terminated with a notice that requires six months for completion. The cancellation notice was given, and the agreement is set to end on June 24, 2024, as per Maldives local media Atoll Times.

The hydrography agreement was initially signed on June 8, 2019, to help identify the characteristics of the seas and marine life in the Maldives. It also established a dedicated office and facilities for hydrography within the Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF). Indian navy vessels conducted surveys in various regions of the Maldives last year, collecting data on reefs, lagoons, coastlines, and installing equipment to study ocean currents and tide levels.

Under the terms of the agreement, the Maldives receives royalties from the sale of hydrographic charts internationally, with 25% for sales to international parties and 35% for sales within the Maldives.

The decision to cancel the hydrography pact follows the election of President Mohamed Muizzu in September, who promised during his campaign to remove a small Indian military presence in the country. The new government officially requested India to withdraw its troops, and President Muizzu stated that India has agreed to do so.

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