INS Kadmatt’s Manila Visit Amidst South China Sea Tensions and China’s Response to India’s Supreme Court Verdict

INS Kadmatt's Manila Visit Amidst South China Sea Tensions and China's Response to India's Supreme Court Verdict
INS Kadmatt

The Indian Navy’s warship, INS Kadmatt, is docking in Manila this week amid heightened tensions in the South China Sea. This marks its second visit to the Philippines, emphasizing India’s commitment to maritime security in the Indo-Pacific. The visit coincides with a naval standoff between the Philippines and China.

During its two-day stay, INS Kadmatt will conduct a “maritime partnership exercise” with the Philippine Navy, showcasing India’s dedication to regional stability. The timing is crucial as tensions rise in the South China Sea, where clashes between Philippine and Chinese vessels have been reported.

In a separate development, China responded to India’s Supreme Court decision on Jammu and Kashmir, asserting that the western section of the China-India border has always belonged to China. China’s dissatisfaction with the reorganization of Jammu and Kashmir in 2019, particularly the creation of Ladakh as a union territory, remains evident. India maintains that Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of the country.

China’s comments reflect its ongoing interest in the border dispute with India, emphasizing historical claims. The situation remains sensitive, with both countries closely monitoring developments along the border.

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