Li Auto Implements Substantial Workforce Reduction Amid Sales Forecast Adjustment

Li Auto is reportedly undergoing a significant workforce reduction, affecting approximately 18% of its employees, totaling over 5,600 individuals.

The downsizing efforts are particularly notable in key divisions. Specifically, the sales and service operations division is expected to see over 400 job cuts.

Additionally, the company’s hiring team is undergoing substantial downsizing, reducing from over 200 employees to a projected 40-50 staff members.

The smart driving team, crucial for Li Auto’s technological advancements, is also experiencing a significant reduction, with staffing levels expected to drop to under 1,000 employees.

These adjustments come in response to a downward revision of the company’s sales forecast for the year. Originally projected at 800,000 units, the forecast has been adjusted to a range of 560,000 to 640,000 units.

Consequently, Li Auto finds it necessary to scale back its workforce to align with the revised sales projections, reflecting the company’s strategic response to market dynamics and operational challenges.

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