Market Turbulence: E Fund Suspends Trading in MSCI US 50 ETF Amid Premium Concerns

– Trading in the China-listed MSCI US 50 ETF by E Fund has been halted until the market closes due to a premium issue.

– The E Fund MSCI US 50 ETF witnessed a limit-up opening of 10% yesterday, but it has since tapered gains to 7%, resulting in a 42% premium.

– China AMC Nomura Nikkei 225 ETF is facing a 3% decline, accompanied by a decrease in its premium to 11%, indicating a potential reversal of this week’s gains.

– E Fund has announced that it will suspend trading for the MSCI US 50 ETF this afternoon if the secondary market premium does not effectively decrease. Additionally, trading will be delayed by one hour for the next four days.

– Despite an initial lower opening, the E Fund MSCI US 50 ETF has surged by 2.6%, expanding the premium to 47%, prompting the fund manager to declare a trading halt.

– Meanwhile, the China AMC Nomura Nikkei 225 ETF has experienced a 1.2% increase, defying declines in the Nikkei 225.

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