List of political parties contesting in Mizoram assembly elections

MNF Rule in Mizoram: MNF, a strong regional force since 1961, led by Zoramthanga. Focus on Mizoram’s rights, identity, and socio-economic development. Won 26 out of 40 seats in 2018.

Congress Decline: Congress, historically influential, faces waning influence in Mizoram. Won 5 seats in 2018, suffering a significant loss to MNF.

ZPM’s Debut: Zoram People’s Movement (ZPM), formed in 2018, emerges as a regional alliance for good governance and inclusive development. Won eight seats in 2018, actively involved in opposition.

Limited BJP Presence: BJP with limited presence in Mizoram, aiming to expand. Focus on development, nationalism, and good governance. Faces challenges due to regional dominance and primarily Christian population. Progress depends on connecting with local concerns.

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