Indonesian Authorities Remain Vigilant as Mount Ruang Eruptions Prompt Evacuations and Cleanup Efforts

Indonesian authorities remain on high alert following multiple eruptions of Mount Ruang, a remote island volcano, which occurred over a 24-hour period starting late Tuesday. The eruptions unleashed a striking display of fiery lava, towering ash columns, and volcanic lightning.

Despite signs of calming activity on Friday, officials have maintained the highest alert level on a four-tiered system, signaling continued significant volcanic activity.

Nearby residents, particularly those on Tagulandang island, are in the process of clearing debris from their villages, assisted by soldiers and police officers. The cleanup effort includes removing volcanic material from harbors and yards.

Witnesses recount moments of panic and desperation as the eruption began. One resident, Ninice Hoata, a 59-year-old teacher, describes evacuating to a nearby house and praying for safety as rocks fell around her.

Abdul Muhari, spokesman for the national disaster mitigation agency (BNPB), reports that white smoke of “medium to high intensity” continues to billow up to 100 meters (328 feet) above the volcano’s crater.

6. Some residents, like Herman Sahoa, a 64-year-old Tagulandang resident, express concerns about the need for immediate assistance, particularly tarpaulins to cover leaking roofs. They fear further eruptions and the potential for additional damage to their homes.

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