Delhi Government Launches Probe into Apollo Hospitals Amid Allegations of Illegal Kidney Racket

Delhi Government Launches Probe into Apollo Hospitals Amid Allegations of Illegal Kidney Racket

Allegations Against Apollo Hospitals:
Apollo Hospitals, a prominent healthcare chain, faces accusations of involvement in an illegal organ trade scheme targeting impoverished villagers from Myanmar, according to a Telegraph (UK) report. The investigation reveals that desperate individuals are flown to Delhi to sell their kidneys to wealthy patients, circumventing Indian and international laws against organ trade.

Shocking Revelation and Denial by Apollo:
The Telegraph’s findings have shocked Apollo Hospitals, which vehemently denies any intentional involvement in or sanctioning of these illegal activities. The hospital group expresses surprise and initiates an internal investigation to address the serious allegations.

Unethical Practices and Legal Breaches:
The illegal organ trade reportedly involves forging identity documents and staging family photos to present donors as relatives of patients. This manipulation aims to bypass legal restrictions prohibiting organ donations from strangers. This unethical practice not only violates Indian law but also challenges international norms against organ trafficking.

Targeting Rich Patients, Including UK Citizens:
The Telegraph investigation suggests that the organ trade specifically targets wealthy patients, including those from the UK. The report highlights collaboration to overcome government obstacles, emphasizing the lucrative nature of this underground operation.

India’s Legal Framework and Manipulation Tactics:
India strictly prohibits the payment for organs, making the alleged transactions illegal. The country’s Transplantation of Human Organs Act allows organ donations only from near relatives, such as spouses, siblings, parents, and grandchildren. The perpetrators use identity forgery and staged family connections to bypass these legal restrictions.

Personal Stories and Denial by Surgeon:
The Telegraph mentions a poignant account of a young father from Mandalay willing to sell his kidney due to dire financial needs. Apollo Hospitals’ surgeon, Padma Shri Dr. Sandeep Guleria, accused of conducting these transplants, vehemently denies any knowledge of the illegal practices. Dr. Guleria finds the accusations offensive and laughable, with no evidence supporting the claims.

Previous Allegations and Ongoing Investigation:
This is not the first time Dr. Guleria faces allegations, as he was previously linked to a separate kidney scandal at Apollo’s Delhi hospital in 2016, which he dismissed as false.

Government Intervention and Inquiry:
In response to the disturbing allegations surrounding Apollo Hospitals, the Delhi government has taken swift action by ordering an inquiry. Deepak Kumar, the secretary of health & family welfare for Delhi, confirmed the decision, stating that a thorough investigation into the alleged involvement of Apollo Hospital in an illegal kidney racket will be conducted.

Telegraph Full Report

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