BOFA Report: Robust Weekly Inflows Across Stocks, Bonds, and Tech, Notable Shifts in Gold and Treasuries, and Bullish Sentiment Reaches 2.5-Year High

According to Bank of America (BOFA), the latest EPFR data reveals significant financial movements in various sectors.

There is a notable weekly inflow of $20 billion into stocks, indicating a strong investor interest in equities. Additionally, a substantial $15.2 billion inflow into cash suggests a preference for liquidity.

The bond market sees a considerable weekly inflow of $5.9 billion, reflecting continued interest in fixed-income securities. On the other hand, there is a decrease of $0.8 billion in gold holdings, signaling a shift away from this precious metal.

High-yield bonds stand out with their most substantial inflow in 11 weeks, totaling $2.8 billion, showcasing increased confidence in this market segment.

BOFA reports the largest outflow from US Treasuries in 7 weeks, amounting to $3.6 billion. Simultaneously, there is a noteworthy inflow of $0.3 billion into TIPS, indicating investor interest in Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities.

Tech stocks attract a robust weekly inflow of $2.1 billion, underscoring the ongoing popularity of the technology sector. Moreover, infrastructure stocks experience their largest inflow since November 2022, totaling $0.22 billion, signaling positive sentiment towards infrastructure investments.

In terms of market sentiment, BOFA’s Bull & Bear Indicator reaches a 2.5-year high, suggesting an overall bullish outlook among investors.

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