AIIMS Delhi’s Respiratory Findings: Mycoplasma Pneumonia Unrelated to China’s Outbreak, Government Clarifies

AIIMS Delhi's Respiratory Findings: Mycoplasma Pneumonia Unrelated to China's Outbreak, Government Clarifies
Image by PIRO from Pixabay

AIIMS Delhi identified Mycoplasma pneumoniae in seven cases between April and September, causing respiratory issues in children. Initially tied to a China outbreak, the Ministry of Health clarified no connection. Media reports were labeled misleading. AIIMS tested 611 samples since January, finding no Mycoplasma pneumonia.

One case was detected via PCR, six through IgM Elisa tests, with positivity rates at 3% and 16%. Dr. Rama Chaudhry noted the usually mild nature, termed ‘walking pneumonia,’ but severe cases exist. Surveillance is at AIIMS Delhi and a few centers.

China faced a mysterious influenza-like outbreak in November, mostly affecting children. Hospitals were overwhelmed, attributed to lifted Covid-19 restrictions. WHO demanded more information on the illnesses.

Indian states like Haryana, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, and Karnataka are on alert due to rising pneumonia cases in China. They instructed hospitals to be vigilant, with Kerala renewing alerts for H1N1 flu. Surveillance is crucial for detecting Mycoplasma pneumonia.

Government clarification stated that media reports on bacterial cases in AIIMS Delhi linked to China’s pneumonia surge are misleading. Mycoplasma pneumonia is common, but AIIMS cases have no link to China’s infections. The Union Health Ministry is monitoring the situation closely.

The clarification emphasized that the seven cases detected from April to September 2023 pose no worry. No Mycoplasma pneumonia was found in 611 samples tested since January. The Union Health Ministry stays in touch with state health authorities for daily updates.

In summary, AIIMS Delhi found Mycoplasma pneumoniae cases unrelated to China’s outbreak. India remains vigilant amid rising concerns.

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