Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin Strengthen Bilateral Ties: A Closer Look at the Beijing Meeting

Chinese President Xi Jinping held a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Beijing, as reported by Chinese state media.

President Xi affirmed China’s commitment to maintaining strong ties with Russia, emphasizing the importance of being a trusted neighbor and partner.

Xi assured Putin of China’s willingness to be a steadfast friend to Russia, highlighting the significance of cherishing the bilateral relationship.

The leaders discussed cooperation for both countries’ national development and emphasized their joint commitment to global equity, according to Chinese state media.

President Xi underscored the robust practical cooperation between Moscow and Beijing, as reported by Russian agencies.

Xi and Putin are scheduled to hold a joint press conference in Beijing, where they will address the media and likely reaffirm the strength of their partnership.

Putin emphasized that the collaboration between Russia and China is not aimed at any specific country, as reported by RIA.
8. Putin further stated that Russia-China cooperation contributes to global stability.

The leaders discussed the development of economic ties between their countries, signaling a commitment to deepening their economic partnership.

Putin highlighted the importance of national currency settlements in enhancing trade between Russia and China, as reported by TASS.

Notably, approximately 90% of payments between Russia and China are conducted in yuan and ruble currencies, further solidifying their economic collaboration.

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