Food Poisoning Scare on Pilgrimage Train: 80 Passengers Treated in Pune

Food Poisoning Scare on Pilgrimage Train: 80 Passengers Treated in Pune
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Around 80 passengers on a Bharat Gaurav Special train from Chennai complained of stomach infections and complications, possibly due to food poisoning, as the train neared Pune railway station on Tuesday. Pune rail officials received the information around 10.45 pm. The train, booked by a private party for a pilgrimage to Palitana in Gujarat, carried about 1,000 passengers. Passengers experienced symptoms like dizziness, abdominal pain, vomiting, and loose motions.

Ramdas Bhise, the Divisional Commercial Manager and PRO of the Pune rail division, stated that a medical team was dispatched to provide assistance. The train reached Pune station at 11.25 pm, and immediate treatment was administered on the platform. Fortunately, no passengers needed hospitalization, and the treated train departed around 12.30 am.

Officials confirmed thorough checks before departure, noting the absence of a pantry on the train. Food, reportedly received at Wadi railway station, approximately 180 km from Solapur, is under investigation. The source is yet to be determined, with initial indications suggesting it wasn’t provided by the railways. Ongoing investigations aim to ascertain the origin of the food, considering reports of food donations received by passengers.

Central Railway officially stated that passengers brought their own food, not provided by railway/IRCTC staff. After receiving this information, the train was promptly attended to at Pune station by 3 medical teams, including railway and private doctors, NGO staff, and health inspectors. All passengers received treatment and are now in stable condition. Ongoing investigations are focusing on food samples brought by passengers from their private sources.

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