Venezuelan Invasion Threat: Brazil on High Alert, with U.S. Backing for Guyana

Venezuelan Invasion Threat: Brazil on High Alert, with U.S. Backing for Guyana

Reports from Brazilian intelligence suggest an imminent military move by the Venezuelan army against the Republic of Guyana in the coming days, raising concerns about regional stability and territorial disputes in South America.

Officials are concerned about a potential Venezuelan invasion to annex the “Guayana Esequiba” region, which constitutes over 60% of Guyana’s territory and is contested by the Venezuelan government.

Brazil has responded by “intensifying defensive actions” along its northern border, as it closely monitors the ongoing territorial dispute between its neighbors, Guyana and Venezuela, according to a statement from the country’s defense ministry on Wednesday.

The Ministry of Defense has been actively monitoring the situation and has increased military presence in the northern border region, aiming to bolster its defenses in response to the escalating tensions.

Brazil’s strategic shift in military resources to the north coincides with heightened animosities between Venezuela and Guyana over the oil-rich “Esequiba” region, which constitutes over two-thirds of Guyana’s total land mass.

Venezuela’s longstanding claims on the Esequiba have been rekindled in recent years, particularly following Guyana’s discovery of significant oil and gas reserves near the maritime border.

A critical event is set to unfold on December 3, as Venezuelans are scheduled to vote in a referendum concerning “the rights” to the Esequiba. Meanwhile, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) is expected to rule on Friday regarding Guyana’s request to halt the referendum. Venezuela has asserted its commitment to proceed with the vote irrespective of the ICJ’s decision.

Tensions further escalated when Venezuela protested an oil tender announced by Guyana in September, arguing that the offshore areas in question are subject to dispute. Venezuela contends that companies awarded fields in these areas will lack the legal rights to explore them.

As of now, there has been no immediate response from the Venezuelan communications ministry regarding Brazil’s intensified defensive actions. The situation remains fluid, with regional stability hanging in the balance amid the complex geopolitical dynamics in South America.

On the other side Usnited States has taken military action to protect Guyana from a Venezuelan invasion. According to a Panamanian news portal, Venezuela has initiated an invasion of Guyana on two fronts: one along the coast and another through the Raposa Serra do Sol indigenous reserve.

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