Unipe’s Journey: Revolutionizing Indian Workforce and Enterprises through Financial Inclusion

Aiming to capture the underserved $10 billion payroll finance market in India, Payrocket Technology Pvt Ltd, through its innovative platform Unipe, is acting as a transformative force in the financial landscape for enterprises and its workforce.

Anupam, Sahil, Abhijit (L to R), Co-founders, Unipe

Unipe software platform embeds into the workforce management & business workflow of employers thereby creating a seamless experience for processing salaries and managing people operations including but not limited to digital onboarding, automated compliance and seamless remittance. Unipe also addresses challenges like delayed salary payouts (75% struggle with timely payments) and fulfills the working capital crunch associated with early pay requests.

On the employee side, Unipe aims to combat credit deprivation for over 200 million formally employed Indian workers, offering a tailored financial services app. This is crucial for low-income individuals experiencing irregular payouts and a constant need for ad-hoc cash.

Unipes transformative impact goes beyond mere statistics, as it has successfully reached over 250 enterprises and penetrated underserved industrial clusters across 20 cities in 3 states already. As we continue to expand our reach, our growth trajectory is fortified by a strategic vision. In the next 3 years, we aim to disburse approximately $250 million in credit to empower Indian enterprises and workers nationwide.

The platforms success is not just about overcoming challenges; its about setting new standards. With a rapid Turnaround Time (TAT) of 15 minutes and a unique 30-day credit cycle for employers, Unipe is outshining the existing credit options with its user-centric approach.

Started just a year back in 2022 by IIT graduates Anupam Acharya, Abhijit Verma & Sahil Arora and fueled by a distinguished group of investors such as Afore Capital, Peer Cheque, DevVC, 1947 Rise, Good Capital and angel investors, such as Kunal Shah (CRED), Miten Sampat (CRED), Nitin Gupta (Uni), Dhruv Bahl (BharatPe), the start up is on the path to securing its place in the financial landscape.

As Unipe grows at an impressive rate, currently at $15 Mn annual disbursement run rate with a spotless Zero NPA track record, the journey ahead is marked by ambitions of embedding Unipe’s platform in the business workflow of enterprises for workforce management, compliance & taxes and many other areas, expansive market reach, and the goal of becoming the leading consumer financial app for the Indian workforce.

CEO Anupam Acharya emphasizes, “We believe Indian enterprises have always been looking for custom built short-term lending products to suit their needs of accessing credit 24×7 and Unipe is delighted to support them by beginning to solve their payroll needs first and foremost. Employees of any organization are the fundamental driver of business growth and we help these people not only get their due salary on time but also access advances as and when they want with a single tap. Our platform has improved the overall business productivity for our clients by more than 20% and reduced attrition by more than 40% in the first three months alone! “

Rinku Lamba, Director, Franknights Services Private Limited, takes us on a journey of transformation fueled by Unipes payroll financing in his own words – “Payroll financing from Unipe has allowed access to immediate funds to cover payroll expenses, ensuring that employees are paid on time. This has helped my business to avoid cash flow gaps and maintain a positive working relationship with the employees.”

This story is just one testament to the millions of lives the startup has changed since its inception, hence proving the fact that it is on the right path to transform Indian Workforce Livelihoods.

Transform your enterprise with Unipe – Driving Financial Inclusion & Empowering Lives. Contact us at anupam@unipe.money to know more about us!

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