Taiwan’s Ruling Party Secures Third Term as Lai Ching-te, Proponent of Autonomy, Prevails in Presidential Vote Despite China’s Opposition

Taiwan's Ruling Party Secures Third Term as Lai Ching-te, Proponent of Autonomy, Prevails in Presidential Vote Despite China's Opposition

Lai Ching-te, a proponent of autonomy from China, secures a third term for Taiwan’s ruling party in the presidential vote, overcoming explicit opposition from China, which framed the election as a pivotal factor in the balance between war and peace. The Democratic Progressive Party’s Lai clinches victory with 40.2 percent in the Taiwan presidential poll.

Highlights from his winning speech

• President-elect Lai underscores global recognition of Taiwan’s dedication to democracy.

• Accepts congratulations from the other two candidates in the election.

• Highlights Taiwan’s triumph as a victory for the community of democracies.

• Takes a firm stance in favor of democracy, resisting external influences on the election.

• Affirms the commitment to stand with democracies worldwide.

• Successfully defends against external interference in the election process.

• Emphasizes the commitment to continue moving forward for Taiwan, with no intention of looking backward.

• Acknowledges the absence of a parliamentary majority in the election results.

• Plans to study the positions of opponents for informed decisions in the new parliament.

• Pledges to bring in cross-party talent for key personnel appointments.

• Prioritizes addressing issues with political party consensus.

• Recognizes the crucial responsibility of maintaining peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.

• Commits to maintaining the current cross-strait status quo.

• Advocates for dialogue as a substitute for confrontation.

• Expresses determination to shield Taiwan from China’s threats and intimidation.

• President-elect Lai emphasizes Taiwan’s commitment to preserving its democratic way of life.

• Stresses Taiwan’s willingness to engage in dialogue with China, emphasizing the importance of dignity and parity.

• Outlines plans to strengthen the semiconductor industry’s production chain under the new administration.

• Expresses readiness to meet with leaders of other political parties to foster cooperation and collaboration.

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