Pakistan’s Bid for BRICS Membership: Shaping Geopolitics in 2024

Pakistan's Bid for BRICS Membership: Shaping Geopolitics in 2024

In a significant move, Pakistan has formally applied for membership in the BRICS group of nations, expressing its intent to join under Russia’s presidency in 2024. Ambassador Muhammad Khalid Jamali, the newly appointed envoy to Russia, conveyed Pakistan’s eagerness and highlighted the country’s reliance on Russian support during the application process.

In an exclusive interview with TASS, Ambassador Jamali confirmed the application and outlined Pakistan’s outreach to BRICS member countries for backing, with a particular emphasis on garnering support from the Russian Federation. This strategic move aligns with Russia’s goal, as Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov indicated that BRICS aims to finalize a list of partner-state candidates before the 2024 summit in Kazan.

The geopolitical landscape surrounding BRICS is witnessing a notable shift, with 19 countries expressing interest in joining the bloc. Notable candidates include Argentina, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the UAE, as outlined in a summit draft. The proposed expansion of BRICS, with 10 countries, including Pakistan, is generating discussions, especially in light of China’s vocal support for Pakistan’s inclusion, despite opposition from India.

The forthcoming BRICS summit in Russia is expected to be a focal point for discussions on enlarging the organization’s sphere of influence, with special attention given to cultivating partnerships in Latin America, as noted by Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov.

As the geopolitical dynamics unfold, the question of Pakistan’s BRICS membership adds a layer of complexity to the global alliance. The interplay of interests, regional alignments, and diplomatic negotiations will shape the outcome, making the 2024 BRICS summit a pivotal moment in determining the future composition and influence of this influential group of nations.

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