Nvidia and Google Forge Powerful AI Alliance to Boost Computing Innovation

Nvidia, a leading GPU company, recently partnered with Google to introduce an AI model for consumers. The collaboration focuses on advancing AI computing by providing infrastructure and software for generative AI and accelerating data science workloads.

This AI model, based on Nvidia technologies, draws from Google DeepMind and Google research teams’ two years of experience. The partnership aims to empower developers with enhanced infrastructure, software, and services, boosting energy efficiency and cutting costs.

During Google Cloud Next, Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian and Nvidia founder and CEO Jensen Huang discussed the collaboration. Huang highlighted the transformative impact of accelerated computing and generative AI, emphasizing their ability to drive innovation rapidly.

Google’s large language model framework, PaxML, optimized for Nvidia accelerated computing, facilitates developers’ use of H100 and A100 Tensor Core GPUs for configurable experimentation and scalability. The GPU-optimized PaxML container is now available in the Nvidia NGC software.

This partnership holds significance as it opens avenues for major AI customers worldwide to access comprehensive machine learning services. The integration of Nvidia technologies with Google Cloud offerings simplifies running AI supercomputers on Google Cloud services built upon Nvidia technologies.

In summary, the Nvidia-Google partnership introduces an AI model leveraging Nvidia technologies and optimized for Google Cloud services. This collaboration promises to accelerate AI computing, empower developers, and enable large-scale machine learning services on a global scale.

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