In the latest market activity on January 11, 2024, the balance between Domestic Institutional Investors (DIIs) and Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) continued to shape market dynamics. Here’s a succinct breakdown of the key data:

DII and FII Transactions:

– DII:
– Buy Value: ₹13,152.89
– Sell Value: ₹10,241.7
– Net Value: ₹2,911.19

– FII:
– Buy Value: ₹11,904.24
– Sell Value: ₹12,244.29
– Net Value: ₹-340.05

The contrasting Net Values for DII and FII indicate diverse market sentiments, prompting a closer examination of investor behavior.

Investor Positions in Index (As of January 14, 2024):

1. Index Future:
– Longs: 158.06K
– Shorts: 91.44K

2. Index Call Options:
– Longs: 106.98K
– Shorts: 78.99K

3. Index Put Options:
– Longs: 128.76K
– Shorts: 101.48K

LS Ratio: 63 : 37

The Long-Short (LS) Ratio of 63:37 suggests a prevailing bullish sentiment among investors, with a majority favoring long positions in index futures, call options, and put options.

In conclusion, the capital market’s dynamics on January 12, 2024, underscore a nuanced interplay between DII and FII activities, with investors holding significant positions in index futures, call options, and put options. The LS Ratio further indicates a predominantly bullish outlook, reflecting the broader market sentiment. Investors should closely monitor these trends for informed decision-making in the evolving market landscape.

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