On January 10, 2024, the Indian capital market experienced significant activity, reflecting the sentiments and strategies of key market players. Here’s a breakdown of the day’s data:

Cash Market Flows:
FIIs, were net sellers with an outflow of ₹1721 crore.
DIIs, on the other hand, showed strong buying interest, with a net purchase of ₹2080 crore.

Capital Market Activity (10-Jan-2024):
DII Activity:
– Buy Value: ₹10,461.84 crore
– Sell Value: ₹8,381.83 crore
– Net Value: ₹2,080.01 crore

FII Activity:
– Buy Value: ₹9,621.87 crore
– Sell Value: ₹11,343.22 crore
– Net Value: ₹-1,721.35 crore

Client Positions (as on 10-01-24):
1. Index Future:
– Longs: 158.99K
– Shorts: 93K

2. Index Call Options:
– Longs: 79.69K
– Shorts: 63.25K

3. Index Put Options:
– Longs: 98.34K
– Shorts: 76.67K

Market Sentiment:
The LS Ratio, representing the sentiment in the market, stands at a notable 63:37, indicating a relatively bullish sentiment with a higher inclination towards long positions.

The data from January 10 offers a glimpse into the current market sentiment. While FIIs were net sellers, DIIs displayed a more optimistic stance. The client positions suggest a mixed strategy with a slightly bullish undertone. As always, investors are advised to interpret these figures in conjunction with other market indicators to make informed decisions.

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