Iran Warns US of Retaliation in Defense of Israel, Major Strikes on Israel Imminent

Iran has warned the White House that if the US defends Israel against its retaliation for the Damascus strike, Iran will consider the US a viable target as well.

The US and its allies believe Iran or its proxies are preparing for major missile or drone strikes against military and government targets in Israel.

The potential assault, possibly using high-precision missiles, may happen in the coming days.

The conflict has led to a 16% increase in oil prices this year, driven by the war risk premium.

Iran has threatened to retaliate against Israel for an attack on a diplomatic compound in Damascus that killed senior Iranian military officials.

Israel has not explicitly acknowledged its involvement in the Damascus attack but has traditionally followed a policy of ambiguity on such operations.

Israeli government and military facilities are expected to be targeted, while civilian facilities are not.

US officials are assisting Israel with planning and sharing intelligence assessments.

Israel is considering launching a ground offensive against Hamas in Rafah, Gaza, after the anticipated attack from Iran.

The attack from Iran and its proxies might not come from Israel’s north, where Tehran’s ally Hezbollah is located.

Israeli officials and Western intelligence agree that a significant retaliation from Iran is likely.

Foreign diplomatic missions are preparing for potential strikes, making contingency plans for evacuation.

The Biden administration has signaled its support for Israel in the event of an attack by Iran or its proxies.

A direct Iranian strike on an Israeli city would be a first and could escalate the conflict significantly.

Israeli embassies have been considered targets for potential attacks, with several missions around the world being shuttered.

U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem issued a Security Alert and an Updated Travel Alert for Israel. They have imposed restrictions on the travel of U.S. Government Employees and their families to the cities of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Be’er Sheva, possibly as a precautionary measure ahead of anticipated retaliatory strikes by Iran against Israel. These strikes are said to be imminent and are purportedly not targeting civilian population centers.

Iran Warns US of Retaliation in Defense of Israel, Major Strikes on Israel Imminent


Tonight, the United States has reportedly informed Israel of a “window within the next 24-48 hours” during which they anticipate an Iranian retaliatory attack. Forces throughout the region have been elevated to their highest state of readiness in response.


Indian Foreign Ministry advises against traveling to Iran and Israel until further notice. It also recommends that Indians currently in these countries should take precautions for their safety and minimize their movements.


President Biden delivers a stern message to Iran, urging them to refrain from hostile actions, as reported by Reuters.

According to Al Jazeera, an American official has disclosed that preparations are underway to address potential Iranian attacks on Israel, with considerations for various scales of aggression.

In response to escalating tensions, Germany issues a urgent advisory for its citizens in Iran to evacuate immediately due to safety concerns.

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