Initial Reports: Simultaneous Explosions Ripple Across Iran, Syria, and Iraq

The Jerusalem Post has published initial reports indicating that there have been simultaneous explosions in Iran, Syria, and Iraq.

However, it’s important to highlight that these reports are primarily originating from Western media outlets and a handful of independent Iranian sources not directly affiliated with the government.

Iranian media sources have specifically mentioned hearing the sound of three explosions in Isfahan, with this information being reported by Sky News Arabia.

Furthermore, Sky News Arabia has referenced Iraqi media reports indicating heightened activity of warplanes in the cities of Erbil and Mosul.

Apart from Iran, there are additional unconfirmed reports suggesting explosions occurring in Syria and Iraq within the past few minutes.

Recent explosions have occurred near the cities of Isfahan and Natanz in Central Iran, where key facilities of the Iranian Nuclear Program are situated.

There is heightened warplane activity observed across certain areas of Iraq. Alongside Iran, reports indicate explosions can also be heard in Iraq and Syria.

According to a senior U.S. official speaking to ABC News, there are reports of Israeli missiles striking a site within Iran.

ABC News is reporting that the Israeli attack on Iran today is said to be a response to an Iranian missile barrage, according to the IDF.

Initial Reports: Simultaneous Explosions Ripple Across Iran, Syria, and Iraq

Iranian state media has announced the suspension of flights over several cities, following reports of an Israeli strike.

According to Iranian media, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard has declared a state of maximum alert across all its bases and camps in Iran.

An American official informed Al Jazeera about reports indicating Israel’s strike within Iran. Reuters reports the activation of Iran’s air defense system in Isfahan province. Additionally, an Iranian official asserts that Iran has downed several small drones over Isfahan.

Mehr news agency reports that international flights at Tehran’s Imam Khomeini International Airport have been canceled until 0700 GMT. This information is confirmed by Reuters.

Iran has announced that drones were shot down, and there’s currently no missile attack. Additionally, the IRGC has stated that Iran intends to target Israeli nuclear sites with a counterattack.

Iran’s state TV reports that the country’s nuclear facilities remain unscathed.

The Israeli strike on Iran is reportedly limited in scope and not aimed at nuclear facilities, according to reports from The Times of Israel. Additionally, Iran’s IRGC has announced its intention to retaliate by targeting Israeli nuclear sites.

Iranian State TV reports: “Around 1230 am GMT, three drones were sighted over Isfahan. The air defense system was activated and successfully destroyed these drones in the sky.” (Source: Reuters)

According to NBC, the U.S. was not involved in Israel’s strike on Iran. Israel provided pre-notification to the U.S. about the strike.

Hebrew media sources indicate that the Israeli Ministry of Defense is currently holding a security meeting in Tel Aviv.

Iranian officials and media outlets are asserting that all explosions heard tonight are the result of interceptions, with no ground explosions occurring.

An Iranian official informed Reuters that there was no missile attack on Iran.

According to a statement to Reuters by an Iranian official, the explosion heard in Isfahan resulted from the activation of Iran’s air defense system.

Israel will refrain from taking responsibility for the attack on Iran for strategic reasons. It’s unclear why the Pentagon leaked information about the attack to American media, according to JPOST.

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