Apple Settles EU Antitrust Probe by Opening Tap-and-Go Technology to Rivals

EU antitrust regulators accepted Apple’s proposal to open its tap-and-go mobile payments system to competitors, resolving a four-year investigation that could have led to a significant fine for Apple.

The European Commission stated that Apple’s final commitments would address concerns about Apple’s restriction of access to NFC payments in stores for EEA iOS users, which affected third-party mobile wallet developers.

Apple’s offer will be effective for 10 years. The tap-and-go technology, known as near-field communication (NFC), allows for contactless payments with mobile wallets.

Apple stated that its offer would enable European developers to include tap-and-go payment features in their iOS apps for uses such as car keys, closed-loop transit, corporate badges, home keys, hotel keys, merchant loyalty/rewards, and event tickets.

Two years ago, the EU competition authority accused Apple of limiting competition for its Apple Pay mobile wallet by preventing rival mobile wallet developers from accessing its NFC technology.

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