Xi Jinping and Joe Biden Hold Phone Call to Discuss China-US Relations and Mutual Concerns

On Tuesday, Chinese state media reported that Chinese leader Xi Jinping and US President Joe Biden engaged in a phone call.

During the call, both leaders engaged in a frank and thorough discussion regarding China-US relations.

The conversation also encompassed various issues of mutual interest and concern to both nations.

The exchange aimed to contribute to the efforts of stabilizing relations between Washington and Beijing, which have been marked by tensions in recent years.

China extends a warm welcome to Yellen and Blinken for their upcoming visits, according to Xinhua.

China’s President Xi expressed hope for the US to follow through on President Biden’s reassuring statement regarding not backing Taiwan’s independence, urging tangible actions to align with the sentiment.

President Xi of China emphasized that the Taiwan issue represents an essential red line in China-US relations, stating that the United States has imposed economic, trade, and technology-related constraints on China, with the list of sanctions against Chinese firms growing. Xi urged mutual respect, peaceful coexistence, and cooperation for mutual benefit, while also warning that China will not tolerate any moves toward Taiwan independence.

White House stated that during the call, President Biden addressed concerns about unfair trade policies with Xi and also raised issues regarding China’s support for Russia.

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