Western State University California Demonstrates Commitment to Excellence on Accreditation Journey

In the field of education, accreditation is more than a recognition; its a testament to unwavering commitment and unyielding standards. Western State University (WSU), a leading digital institution based in California, USA, proudly announces significant milestones in its accreditation journey, solidifying its position as a pioneer in delivering high-quality education globally.

WSUs commitment to excellence is underscored by its Letter of Exemption from BPPE, Candidacy Status from ASIC, UK, and esteemed educational membership in IACBE. Furthermore, WSU holds accreditations with ECICEL and is recognized as a accreditation center by QUALIFI, demonstrating its dedication to meeting the highest global education standards.

Education at Western State University knows no borders, offering enriching bachelors degrees, specialized masters courses in Psychology, Yoga, Management/Business Administration and PhD programs. Each online course is meticulously crafted to deliver not just knowledge but profound wisdom, equipping students not merely for a career but for a life of lasting impact in the digital age.

As a digital university, WSU is committed to providing education without boundaries. Positioned at the forefront of the digital learning frontier, WSU shapes the future of education one online class at a time.

Western State University invites interested parties to join them on this accreditation journey, where excellence is not just a goal but a way of life. Experience education at its finest, where innovation, quality, and accessibility converge to illuminate minds and empower futures in the digital age.

Introducing the Esteemed Advisory Board

Western State University proudly announces its distinguished Advisory Board, comprised of luminaries who have made significant impacts in their respective fields, elevating education and society on a global scale.

1. Igor Luksic: Architect of Educational Excellence

Former Minister for Education and Sports in Slovenia, Igor Luksic, brings a wealth of experience as the Former President of the Slovenian Social Democrats and Ex Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Ljubljana. His leadership acumen promises to steer Western State University toward unparalleled educational excellence.

2. Evelin Gerda Lindner: Advocate of Human Dignity

German-Norwegian medical doctor and psychologist, Evelin Gerda Lindner, Founding President of Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies, and Co-founder of the World Dignity University Initiative, is a visionary in promoting human dignity. Her commitment to global citizenship has earned her three Nobel Peace Prize nominations.

3. Mahendra Sinh Jadeja: Global Business Maverick

Mahendra Sinh Jadeja, Director of Indian Operations for Flypop Ltd & Founder of Jardins International Consultancy, is a titan in global business. Recognized with the Global Business Leadership Award 2020, his strategic acumen promises to elevate Western State Universitys global partnerships.

4. Lord Rami Ranger: Philanthropist and Business Mogul

Member of the House of Lords, British Parliament, Lord Rami Ranger, Founder of Sun Mark and Sea Air & Land Forwarding, is a stalwart in philanthropy and business. His influence promises transformative opportunities for Western State University students.

The collective wisdom of these luminaries forms the backbone of Western State Universitys vision. Their commitment to education, social progress, and global citizenship will undoubtedly shape WSU into a hub of innovation and enlightenment, preparing students to thrive in the dynamic landscape of the future. Their collective wisdom enriches the academic environment, ensuring that every student at Western State University is nurtured to become a global citizen, ready to tackle the challenges of the digital age.

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