Unlock the Key to Knowledge with NRI’s Guide on Managing Real Estate in India, Penned by Mr. Dhananjai Agarwal

Here is good news for NRIs who have always wished to carry a book in their hand that would unfurl the solutions page by page to address the long-standing challenges in managing their real estate assets in India.

NRIs Guide to Managing Real Estate in India, penned by Mr. Dhananjai Agarwal

Mr. Dhananjai Agarwal, a multifarious personality with multilingual abilities, a scholar par excellence who has unveiled a must-read guide for the NRIs titled “NRI Guide to Manage Real Estate in India“.

Mr. Dhananjai Agrawal, MD And CEO of ITSL Limited

Since time immemorial, NRIs have been facing the daunting tasks of managing the challenges pertaining to their self-owned or inherited real estate assets in India. The legal entanglements, the irreparable family scuffles over properties, the hassles pertaining to long distance travel and the inability to accrue a one-stop-solution, have been the most common challenges faced by NRIs.

Moreover, the book highlights on the seemingly never ending struggles of NRIs holding immovable assets in India as they are constantly caught up in a web of struggles addressing problems such as tax liabilities among a lot others. The long-time taken for legal redressals coupled with the rounds that need to be taken trying to find the right solution, almost drains off the resources as well as the patience of the NRIs.

Mr. Agarwal having spent years, living overseas is aware of these struggles and so he has covered practical solutions to such problems in his book NRI Guide to Manage Real Estate in India. This book has all the useful resources that would equip the NRI with the right knowledge, tools, and solutions and enable them to steer clear every hurdle coming in their way while addressing the various property matters in India.

This book is a game-changer for NRIs dealing with real estate matters in India,” says Dhananjai Agarwal MD and CEO – ITSL Limited. “Its time to break free from the shackles of the past and equip ourselves with the knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of property management in India. From tax liabilities to legal documentations, this book is a comprehensive guide that promises to transform the way NRIs approach and manage their real estate assets.”

Its time to break free from the shackles of the past and equip ourselves with the knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of property management in India.”

Let us extract precious pearls of wisdom from “NRI Guide to Manage Real Estate in India“:

1. Sure-shot solution: Mr. Agarwal uses his 30 years of expertise and experience in the real estate domain to provide practical solutions to long-standing problems faced by NRIs be it pertaining to immovable properties, legalities or by providing personalized and tailored solutions to their specific real estate related challenges.

2. Valuable knowledge dissemination: Right from addressing tax liabilities, legal documentations, and timely responses to compliance notices, Mr. Agarwal shares insights and value additions for the optimum benefit of the NRIs so that they are equipped to face any challenges coming their way and are ready to make informed decisions.

3. Practical guide on how to manage assets from afar: This book throws light on the realistic scenarios and opens up one’s minds to believe in a more practical solution than be guided by the emotional or imposed beliefs set by family traditions.

4. Save time, effort and money: Right from getting the right direction, right resources and easy access to concerned Indian authorities for redresses and solutions pertaining to various real estate challenges to saving time and effort making countless trips to India, this book is indeed a blessing for the NRIs.

Reach out to your nearest leading bookstores and online retailers to lay your hands on this incredible book. To know more about the book or to schedule an interview with Dhananjai Agarwal, please reach out to dhananjai@dhananjai.com.

About Dhananjai Agarwal

Dhananjai Agarwal, MD and CEO – ITSL Limited is a multifarious personality – a stalwart, a multilingual expert, an avid traveller, a successful entrepreneur and professional with over 30 years of expertise across Real Estate and Finance domains. He is the author of the book ‘NRI Guide to Manage Real Estate in India’. This book is a ready reckoner that empowers NRIs with the knowledge and tools required to mitigate the challenges and seamlessly manage their real estate assets in India.

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