Moroccan-registered small aircraft Crash in Afghanistan: Taliban Dispatches Team for Deep Mountain Investigation

The Taliban has communicated the occurrence of an Moroccan-registered small aircraft crash in the Zebak District of Badakhshan Province, Northeastern Afghanistan.

In response, the Taliban has deployed a team to venture deep into the mountainous crash site for an investigation to ascertain the presence of any survivors.

A senior official from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has confirmed that the recent plane crash in the mountains of Topkhana, near Kuran-Munjan and Zibak in Badakhshan province, involves a Moroccan-registered DF 10 aircraft.

The crashed aircraft is not of Indian origin, ruling out its classification as either an Indian Scheduled Aircraft or a Non-Scheduled (NSOP)/Charter aircraft, according to the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation has indicated that further details about the incident are awaited as investigations into the Moroccan-registered small aircraft crash in Afghanistan continue.

The Falcon 10, which disappeared over Afghanistan, was conducting a charter ambulance flight from Gaya, India, to Zhukovsky, Russia, with six passengers on board, as reported by Rosaviatsia.

Two individuals with Russian citizenship were aboard a charter flight en route to Moscow, which went missing over Afghanistan, as reported by Russia’s state-run TASS news agency on Sunday, citing a source from operational services. Russian investigators have initiated a criminal inquiry on Sunday to ascertain if there were any safety rule violations.


Russian aviation authorities reported that a Russian-registered charter plane, carrying six individuals, vanished from radar screens over Afghanistan. As of Sunday, four survivors have been confirmed, while the fate of the remaining two is being clarified, according to Russia’s aviation watchdog Rosaviatsia, citing information from Russian diplomats.

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