Tesla Accused of Unauthorized Electrical Work in Sweden

– The Swedish Electricians’ Union has reported Tesla to the police for allegedly conducting electrical installation work without the necessary registration.
– Tesla has not yet responded to these accusations, as reported by Reuters.

– Relations between Tesla and unions in Sweden are already strained.
– Since October 27, Tesla mechanics in Sweden have been on strike due to ongoing industrial disputes.

– According to the union, there is evidence that Tesla is performing electrical installation work at one of its charging stations.
– The union asserts that Tesla is not registered with the National Electrical Safety Board, which is required for conducting such work legally in Sweden.

Legal and Safety Concerns:
– The union emphasized that Tesla’s actions violate Swedish law regarding electrical installations.
– Mikael Pettersson, the union’s head of negotiations, stated that illegal electrical installations cannot be accepted and the union must take action against such violations.

– This incident highlights ongoing tensions and potential legal issues for Tesla in Sweden.
– The union’s stance underscores the importance of adhering to national safety regulations in electrical work.

– Information derived from a press release by the Swedish Electricians’ Union and inputs from Reuters.

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