Taiwan Earthquake Upgraded to Magnitude 7.7: Buildings Collapse in Hualien, Trapping Residents

The magnitude of the Taiwan earthquake has been upgraded to 7.7 from 7.5, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency. Reports from Taiwanese media indicate that buildings have collapsed in the Hualien area in the eastern part of the island, raising concerns about people potentially being trapped due to the earthquake.

According to Taipower, over 87,000 households in Taiwan remain without electricity following the earthquake.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing, TSM, has evacuated sections of its factories following a significant earthquake that struck its home island. This development poses a risk to production at the world’s leading manufacturer of advanced chips, as reported by Bloomberg. TSMC has suspended operations on certain chip-making machines in Hsinchu.

TSMC dominates with over 60% of the global contract chipmaking market and holds a monopoly on advanced microprocessors. Concerns arise that the recent earthquake may have affected their highly sensitive equipment.

Hualien fire department: Two buildings near Taiwan quake epicenter have collapsed.

Taiwan Earthquake Upgraded to Magnitude 7.7: Buildings Collapse in Hualien, Trapping Residents

Following a powerful earthquake, a factory warehouse collapsed in New Taipei, Taiwan.

Taiwan Earthquake Upgraded to Magnitude 7.7: Buildings Collapse in Hualien, Trapping Residents

Significant damage reported on Guishan Island (Turtle Mountain Island), a turtle-shaped island off the coast of Yilan in Eastern Taiwan, following a strong earthquake.

🚨 Footage capturing the Taipei skyline reveals intense shaking following a potent 7.5 magnitude earthquake near Taiwan.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center states that the tsunami threat has mostly subsided following the Taiwan earthquake.

Reuters reports that the Taiwan Affairs Office of China expresses deep concern about the earthquake in Taiwan and is prepared to offer disaster relief aid.

USGS has reported several powerful aftershocks following a 7.4 magnitude earthquake in Taiwan.

Taiwan is said to be mobilizing its army in areas impacted by a significant earthquake, amid concerns of individuals trapped inside buildings.

Rescue efforts are currently in progress following the collapse of buildings caused by a strong earthquake in Hualien, Taiwan.

According to officials, the Taiwan earthquake has resulted in the death of at least one person and left over 50 injured, as reported by Reuters.

Taiwan earthquake resulted in 7 fatalities, 711 injuries, and 77 individuals trapped, according to Taipei seismology officials, marking it as the most powerful quake in the region in 25 years.

Moment when a building collapsed in Taiwan amid a strong earthquake.

Taiwan Semiconductor $TSM has temporarily evacuated its plants and halted construction following Taiwan’s strongest earthquake in 25 years, measuring 7.4 magnitude. The company is currently evaluating the impact, with reports indicating that safety systems remain normal. Initial assessments suggest that construction sites are unharmed, although work has been suspended for additional inspections.

Foxconn, a key supplier for Apple $AAPL, has begun gradually returning to regular production levels in Taiwan after an earthquake. The company has verified minimal operational and financial effects, stating that manufacturing equipment remains undamaged. Although production lines were briefly halted for inspection, they are now back in operation.

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