Startup Xchange 4.0 by MCats Witnesses Housefull Impact: A Big Win in the Startup Game

Startup Xchange 4.0 by MCats unfolded with resounding success as a dynamic two-day gathering on November 4 and 5 at Rajasthan International Centre, Jaipur. The event attracted a houseful of enthusiastic participants, establishing a vibrant atmosphere conducive to meaningful interactions, collaborations, demo sessions, networking, and more.

A Startup Success Finale: Startup Xchange 4.0 by MCats Wraps Up!


10 shortlisted startups post demo sessions secured Rs. 12Cr funding.

Impressive turnout with 2000+ attendees.

Showcased 50 dynamic startups.

Formed a cohort of 15 Startups for the next batch.

International presence with participants from US, Germany, Dubai, Singapore & Malaysia.

In collaboration with industry leaders such as Google, AU Small Finance Bank, and SIDBI, the gathering not only featured an impressive lineup of Unicorn/ Soonicorn speakers but also hosted key ecosystem players from major Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities- Surat, Nashik, Nagpur, Ahmedabad, Indore, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Jodhpur, all under one roof.

Sushil Sharma, Founder & CEO, Marwari Catalysts and the mastermind behind Startup Xchange 4.0 says, “We have always believed that the gold lies in smaller towns, and to make sure that every small idea gets the opportunity it rightfully deserves, Startup Xchange 4.0 was just the beginning in this direction to support the tier 2 & tier 3 startups. Were grateful for the tremendous support we received for Startup Xchange and reflecting on the success, our gratitude extends to the supportive network within our startup community. We value the collective effort that made this event possible and look forward to continued collaborations.”

In a dynamic two-day affair, Startup Xchange 4.0 kicked off with a grand opening ceremony marked by the lamp-lighting tradition, setting the tone for an event brimming with grandeur and purpose.

Arjun Vaidya, Co-founder at V3 Ventures, Ex-founder at Dr. Vaidya’s says, “Recognizing the untapped potential of Tier 2 and Tier 3 startups, I wholeheartedly embraced the responsibility of active participation in Startup Xchange 4.0. Beyond merely seizing an opportunity, my goal was to contribute to my startup community, leveraging my expertise and experience. This startup event served as a unique platform for me to inspire, collaborate, and, in turn, draw inspiration from the remarkable ideas and vibrant energy that define the evolving landscape of startups.”

As attendees explored the bustling startup expo, a subset engaged themselves in focused panel discussions and workshops, gaining valuable insights into prevailing industry trends. Simultaneously, startups presented their ideas with confidence at our lively Startup Demo Xchange, contributing to an atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurial dynamism.

And it didnt end there!

The first day wrapped up on a high note with a networking dinner, fostering an environment conducive to forging meaningful connections. The closing ceremony not only acknowledged but also honoured the achievements through awards and recognitions, concluding a successful and impactful two-day event.

Nikhil Gupta, Director, Strategy & Alliances, Marwari Catalysts says, “Today the appeal of Tier 2/ Tier 3 markets is not limited to startups alone; it has piqued the interest of global venture capitalists as well. As a proud advocate of small-city startup ecosystems, I am delighted that MCats could be instrumental in providing a unified platform through Startup Xchange 4.0, fostering global opportunities and exposure for these promising markets.”

To conclude, Startup Xchange 4.0 has not only raised the bar but set an entirely new standard for success in our startup ecosystem. The organisers express their gratitude to all participants, sponsors, and collaborators who contributed to the events monumental impact.

About MCats

MCats is the fastest growing startup accelerator in India with a 100+ Co-Founders club from major cities across India.

With an impressive portfolio of 80+ startups, MCats thrives on the power of partnerships, showcasing seamless backward integration with incubators and front-end connections to AIFs, VCs, and Angel Networks. This approach creates an optimal environment for idea germination and a boost for later success.

Central to MCats mission is the 12-week cohort acceleration program, Thrive, positioned at the heart of the organisation. Thrive serves as a connector, linking startups with industry experts, providing empowerment across every facet for sustainable growth and scalability. At MCats, the focus isnt just on accelerating startups; its about cultivating enduring success stories.

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