Security Breach Unfolds in Lok Sabha: Disruption and Evacuation Amidst 22nd Anniversary of Parliament Attack

Security Breach Unfolds in Lok Sabha: Disruption and Evacuation Amidst 22nd Anniversary of Parliament Attack

In New Delhi, a significant security breach unfolded within the Lok Sabha, prompting Members of Parliament (MPs) to evacuate the premises. The incident involved an individual trespassing from the visitor’s gallery into the Lok Sabha chamber, leading to disruptions in the proceedings. Reports indicate that the breach resulted in parliamentarians experiencing discomfort due to the presence of gas in the chamber.

Amidst the chaos, a young man, attired in a blue jacket, leaped from the visitor’s gallery and began running around the House. This unexpected intrusion escalated concerns about the safety and security of the parliamentary proceedings. The disruptive actions forced MPs to evacuate the premises as authorities worked to address the breach and assess the situation.

The breach is particularly noteworthy as it occurred during a critical moment in parliamentary history, coinciding with the evacuation on the 22nd anniversary of the infamous parliament attack. The unauthorized entry and disturbance in the Lok Sabha underscore the challenges faced in maintaining the security and sanctity of such prominent legislative spaces.

Security breach in Lok Sabha as two individuals jumped from the gallery, hurling gas-emitting objects. Police arrested several outside and detained two protesters with colored smoke near Transport Bhawan, taking them to Parliament Street Police Station.

A security breach unfolded in the Lok Sabha as two individuals descended from the gallery, prompting concern among those present, including BJP MP Rajendra Agarwal. He acknowledged a loophole, expressing that initial confusion turned into caution when the second person descended, emitting smoke. Agarwal assured that actions would be taken, with decisions made by the Speaker and responsible authorities.

Delhi Police sources reported ongoing antecedent verification, focusing on the security breach and identifying those who granted access. Initial questioning aims to establish connections with the intruders, and multi-agency inquiries are anticipated to delve deeper into the incident. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh also reached the House when all of this happened.

Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla assures a comprehensive investigation into the security breach during zero hour. Delhi Police has received essential instructions. Initial findings indicate the incident involved smoke, posing no significant threat. Furthermore, two individuals responsible have been apprehended, and materials in their possession seized. Police have also arrested two individuals outside Parliament in connection with the incident.

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Sagar Sharma, the individual who leaped into the Indian Parliament from the Visitor’s Gallery and deployed a smoke canister, has been recognized. His Parliament entry was endorsed by MP Pratap Simha from Mysore, according to his Parliament Pass. Currently, four individuals have been apprehended in connection with the incident.

Security Breach Unfolds in Lok Sabha: Disruption and Evacuation Amidst 22nd Anniversary of Parliament Attack

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