SCARA Gaming Joins Hands with DRUID Creative Gaming to Launch DRUID:SCARA in India

SCARA, has joined hands with Druid Creative Gaming, Latin America’s biggest gaming agency, to provide Gaming solutions for India, one of the fastest growing gaming markets in the world. The new B2G joint venture DRUID:SCARA is a full service Indian gaming agency for all stakeholders focused to deliver creative solutions and scale. Heading the charge for DRUID:SCARA in India are two seasoned executives, Manoj George as Founder, and Abishek Joshi as Co-founder. With their deep understanding of the Indian gaming landscape, theyre poised to lead a dedicated team that will operate independently to cater specifically to the unique needs of the Indian market.

Manoj George, Founder at DRUID:SCARA

DRUID:SCARA aims at providing best international practices tailor made for brands to engage the Indian gaming audience and scale their presence within the industry. The two agencies have come together to curate creative brand solutions and level up the way brands reach out to consumers through gaming.

Commenting on the launch of DRUID:SCARA, Manoj George, Founder at DRUID:SCARA comments, “Partnering an organization like DRUID in India is exciting and a great challenge. We want to build this DRUID story together in the international market and take advantage of all Brazil’s expertise and cases in the Indian market. An emerging and constantly growing market.

What sets DRUID:SCARA apart is its commitment to creativity and understanding the pulse of the gaming community. Indians spend a significant chunk of their smartphone time gaming, surpassing even OTT and music streaming. DRUID:SCARA, with its versatile approach, aims to help brands tap into this vibrant market with campaigns and marketing strategies that resonate with gamers on a personal level.

DRUID:SCARA believes in creatively integrating brands within the gaming ecosystem by engaging the Gamers community and bringing them closer to their consumers. The agency’s service offering mirrors its Brazilian headquarters, focusing on creative campaigns, Creative Content, and collaborations with influencers to seamlessly connect brands to the diverse and ever-expanding community of gamers in India, where gaming is not just a hobby but a way of life. Additionally, one special service that the agency offers like no other is the in-game custom map curations for Sandbox games like Fortnight, Minecraft, and Roblox.

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