Ramagya School is Set to Ignite Debating Culture Among Students with Inaugural MUN 2024 Conference

Ramagya School has announced the upcoming inaugural edition of the Ramagya School Model United Nations (MUN) 2024 Conference, organized by the Ramagya School, Noida MUN Society. Scheduled for January 18 to 19, 2024, this conference signifies a groundbreaking step as the institution leads the way in fostering a robust Model United Nations and debating culture among students and academic institutions.

Ramagya School Model United Nations (MUN) 2024

The dynamic event promises a vibrant platform for diverse interactions, providing participants expected to debate on more than 84 countries across the globe with the opportunity to engage in intense war of words amid a rich tapestry of cultures. Despite being in its primary edition, the summit aspires to transcend boundaries, creating a truly global atmosphere. Hosted at the esteemed Ramagya School, Sector-50, Noida, the conference endeavours to provide a supportive environment for participating delegates to immerse in thought-provoking debates, devise world-changing solutions, and promote awareness about the significance of a better, safer, and more peaceful world.”

Expressing commitment and enthusiasm, Mr. Utkarsh Gupta, Managing Director of Ramagya Group said, “The RamagyaMUN 2024 Conference reflects our dedication to fostering a holistic educational experience. We believe in empowering students with the skills and awareness needed to navigate the complexities of the globalized world. This conference is not just an event, but a transformative journey for the young minds that will shape the future.”

Mrs. Rina Singh, Principal, Ramagya School added, “In todays globalized world, education must extend beyond the mere accumulation of information within the four walls of the classroom. Education needs an international dimension. Learning through Model United Nations is a pathway to making students aware of contemporary issues and concerns. My best wishes to the participating delegates, and I eagerly anticipate two days of fruitful and intellectually enriching debates.”

Ramagya MUN 2024 is committed to instilling leadership skills in students while providing a platform to uphold the spirit of international cooperation and peace. Students exposed to Model United Nations can play a pivotal role in conflict resolution.

Ramagya School Noida envisions the MUN 2024 Conference as a catalyst for empowering students with invaluable skills and fostering a sense of global citizenship. Beyond the scope of traditional education, the conference seeks to ignite a passion for critical thinking and diplomacy, nurturing future leaders who understand the nuances of international affairs. By providing a platform for thought-provoking debates, the event aims to inspire students to think beyond borders and contribute to the creation of a more interconnected and harmonious world.

As the conference unfolds, participants can anticipate engaging discussions that transcend cultural boundaries, offering a glimpse into the diverse perspectives that shape our global community. Ramagya School is committed to nurturing an environment where ideas flourish, solutions emerge, and participants emerge not just as informed citizens but as advocates for positive change. The inaugural MUN 2024 Conference is poised to leave a lasting impact, setting the stage for continued collaboration, understanding, and progress in the realm of international affairs.

About Ramagya Group

For over 39 years, Ramagya Group has been a beacon for expanding educational access and a leader in instructional innovation. It has pushed the envelope further, every year, with innovative learning techniques and a customised approach to maximise the absorption of knowledge because at Ramagya, it is not merely about success, it’s about preparing a student for the world, instilling willingness for learning and a discipline that will stay with the student for life. Today, the Ramagya Group comprises of Ramagya group of schools (three schools); Ramagya Sports Academy (one of the top 10 sports academies in India); Ramagya Institute (one of the top 15 institutes in India); Ramagya First Step (Day-Care); Ramagya Roots (Pre-Schools);SaveNishabd (India’s first crowdfunding platform for dogs); Sai Chhaya (Real-estate developer); SavLife (Health products brand); Nishabd ( NGO for dogs); Knowledgevista(Online portal for IIT-JEE, NEET); Baal-Sathee (Student health-benefit programme); Ramagya Theatre lab (Acting school);Ramagya Fresh (food retail); Ruchika Sales Corp. (Trading Company); Market 369 (Indian Marketplace); The Great Sportz (sports academy); Ramagya Mart (eMarketplace platform); Citizen Post (Newspaper Company); Ramagya Digital (Digital marketing agency) and the Ramagya Foundation (12 Programmes) that works for the welfare of the society and animals.

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