Mill Gears Pvt. Ltd. Launches One of the World’s Largest Gearbox for the Sugar Mill Industry

Mill Gears Pvt. Ltd., a Gujarat-based, leading company in industrial innovation, has launched one of the world’s largest Gearbox designed especially for the sugar mill industry. This revolutionary product looks forward to marking a significant leap in the industrial engineering segment and setting a new benchmark for efficiency and performance.

One of the worlds largest Gearbox by Mill Gears

The Gearbox, a first of its kind in the region, is a testament to precision engineering and advanced manufacturing. When it comes to ensuring optimal performance in sugar mill operations, the Gearbox has unmatched efficiency, reliability, and durability. This Gearbox integrates cutting-edge technology that sets a new industry standard by optimizing processes and increasing productivity in the sugar mills.

This milestone is marked by the installation of five cutting-edge Gearboxes at the Jarandeshwar Sugar Mill in Satara, Maharashtra. This installation marks a defining moment for Mill Gears Pvt. Ltd. and establishes M/S. Jarandeshwar Sugar Mill as one of Asias largest operational sugar mill utilizing this new-age technology as it crushes 24000 Tons of sugarcane daily.

Apurva Kusumgar, Director & CEO – Mill Gears Pvt. Ltd., said, “This innovation is a testament to our commitment to engineering excellence and our relentless pursuit of delivering high-quality, efficient machinery to our clients.” He also said, “We are thrilled to introduce one of the largest Gearboxes in the world for the sugar mill industry. We are open to taking manufacturing orders for the Gearbox as this will immensely benefit the sugar mill industry across the globe.”

About the Gearbox

The Gearbox Model is AK 483 SQ IP 170 Foot (This is a 100% Inline Three-stage Planetary Gearbox)

The T2max value of this Gearbox is = 15.3 million (15300 Kilo newton metres)

The connected Power with Mill Gear’s Planetary Gearbox is = 1500 kW/1000 RPM Class V AC Electric Motor with Variable Frequency drive

The Gearbox’s output operating Speed (Mill Roller Speed) in RPM is between 2.5 RPM and a Maximum of 3.8 RPM (Round per Minute)

Three Stage Inline Planetary Gearboxes are designed for long life (>10^10 cycles) without maintenance. The bearings used inside these Gearboxes are also selected based on a minimum of 125000 hours of life.

This historic accomplishment would further cement Mill Gears Pvt. Ltd.s position as an industry leader in providing innovative solutions for complex industrial challenges. With a dedication to excellence, the company continues to drive innovation and set new standards in industrial engineering.

About Mill Gears Pvt. Ltd.

Mill Gears Pvt. Ltd. is one of the World’s biggest manufacturers of three-stage inline planetary Gearboxes for cane mill applications (Sugar Mill Application). They also have Gearboxes range from 1.5 million Nm to 15.3 million Nm (T2max), exceptionally engineered and developed for the Sugar Mill’s various applications. The best part of their design is that it is available in three stages, up to a 290:1 Ratio (All stages are 100% Planetary). The Gearbox design and quality standards are based on ISO DP 6336 / ISO 281 standards. The Gearboxes are designed for >10^10 cycles (very long gear life referring to Fatigue Whler diagram/curve), and the bearings are selected having a minimum life of 125000 hours (All the stages).

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