Mastercard Q4 Results: Strong Earnings Beat with Notable Revenue and Volume Growth

Mastercard’s profit surged by 11% in the fourth quarter, propelled by robust consumer spending during the holiday season amid a resilient labor market and diminished recession concerns.

– Mastercard’s Q4 adjusted EPS outperformed estimates at $3.18 compared to the expected $3.08.

– Reported EPS for the same period is $2.97.

– Net revenue reached $6.55 billion, slightly exceeding the estimated $6.5 billion.

– Operating margin is 51.5%, falling short of the expected 55.9%.

– Cross-border volumes increased by 18%, meeting the estimated 18.3%.

– Purchase volume is $1.92 trillion, surpassing the estimated $1.92 trillion, with a growth rate of 11%, slightly above the estimated 10.6%.

– Gross Dollar Volume is $2.35 trillion, slightly below the estimated $2.36 trillion.

– Operating expenses are $3.18 billion, exceeding the estimated $2.91 billion.

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