Marapi’s Fury: Volcanic Eruption Claims Lives in West Sumatra, Indonesia

Marapi's Fury: Volcanic Eruption Claims Lives in West Sumatra, Indonesia

Indonesia’s Marapi volcano, located in West Sumatra province, erupted on Sunday, sending volcanic ash soaring up to 3,000 meters into the air, as reported by the country’s disaster management agency BNPB. The eruption, reaching a height of 2,891 meters, occurred at 2:54 p.m. local time, causing ash to spread intensely across nearby districts. Images from BNPB revealed streets and cars blanketed in ash.

In response to the eruption, authorities imposed a 3-kilometer exclusion zone around the volcano, restricting any activities. The alert level for Marapi mountain was raised to the second-highest. To mitigate the impact on residents, masks were distributed, and locals were advised to stay indoors, stated Ade Setiawan, an official at the local disaster management unit.

Indonesia, positioned within the geologically active “Ring of Fire” in the Pacific, is home to 127 active volcanoes, as per the country’s volcanology agency. Unfortunately, the recent volcanic eruption resulted in a tragic outcome, claiming the lives of 11 hikers who found themselves caught in the aftermath. A local rescue official, Abdul Malik, head of Padang Search and Rescue Agency, provided an update, revealing the discovery of 11 deceased hikers, three survivors, and 14 individuals yet to be evacuated among the affected group, a day after the eruption.

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