Macy’s Surges 19% on $5.8 Billion Buyout Offer Amidst Growing Online Competition

Macy's Surges 19% on $5.8 Billion Buyout Offer Amidst Growing Online Competition

Macy’s, the renowned department store chain, experienced a notable uptick in its stock value, soaring by 19%, driven by a reported $5.8 billion buyout offer from an investor consortium. The group, consisting of Arkhouse Management and Brigade Capital, is eager to take Macy’s private amidst the challenging landscape posed by online competitors, which has substantially impacted the company’s market value. The proposed deal, presented on December 1, involves acquiring Macy’s shares not currently held by the investors at a price of $21 per share—a significant premium of 20.76% over the closing price of $17.39 on the preceding Friday.

Arkhouse Management, a real estate-focused investment firm, and Brigade Capital Management, a global asset manager, are not new to Macy’s, already holding a substantial stake through Arkhouse-managed funds. The investor group is convinced that Macy’s is undervalued in the public markets, and they have signaled a willingness to increase their offer contingent upon conducting due diligence. The proposal has been discussed with Macy’s board, which subsequently convened to deliberate on the offer. As of now, it remains uncertain how Macy’s views the proposition. Additionally, the investor group has garnered support from an investment bank, securing a letter affirming their capability to secure the necessary financing for the potential transaction. The unfolding developments underscore the dynamic landscape of retail and the strategic maneuvers companies are making to navigate these changes effectively.

Note: No official comment from the company based on media reports available online.

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