Life Skills Collaborative Hosts the India Life Skills Conference 2023 on Collaborative Action for Life Skills

Prof. Dr. Indrani Bhaduri, Head ESD and Head PARAKH, National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), highlighted the importance of collaborative work and community involvement in catalysing life skills.

The Life Skills Collaborative (LSC) hosted the India Life Skills Conference in New Delhi on Nov 30th and Dec 1st. The event, themed Collaborative Action for Life Skills, marked a significant milestone in advancing the dialogue on life skills education in India. By bringing together eminent experts and influential luminaries from the sphere of life skills, the Conference fostered a profound exchange of knowledge and insights.

Unveiling the Voices 2023 Report at the India Life Skills Conference

The event witnessed a diverse assembly of over 150 stakeholders, including SCERT Directors from three states, along with young people, educators, government leaders, members of non-profit organisations, and life skills experts. Representing more than 60 organisations, these participants engaged in meaningful discussions aimed at mainstreaming life skills in the Indian public education system.

Prof. Dr. Indrani Bhaduri, Head ESD and Head PARAKH, NCERT, shared her insights on how collaboration at a grass root level is needed to develop a common narrative around life skills. Her perspective reinforced the belief that community involvement is imperative for driving meaningful change in the realm of life skills education.

Dr. Archana Patankar, Senior Consultant Economist, National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), threw a spotlight on the critical need for standardising life skills curriculum.

Arjun Bahadur, Lead, Life Skills Collaborative, reflected on the events success, stating, “The India Life Skills Conference 2023 has been a meaningful platform for sharing ideas and strategies on how to make life skills education holistic, equitable and consistent. We are thrilled to see the collective enthusiasm and commitment from various sectors to enrich the lives of India’s youth.”

A significant highlight of the event was the unveiling of the LSC’s Voices 2023 Report, a culmination of an extensive effort to capture perspectives on life skills from parents, teachers, and young individuals. This report synthesises findings gathered from 37,000 participants including youth, educators, and parents across 15 states, providing a robust foundation to shape life skills policies in India.

Other key features of the Conference included interactive workshops, panel discussions, and the involvement of young people throughout the day with a session involving young people sharing their perspectives on empowering the youth with critical life skills. These interactions provided invaluable opportunities for exchanging ideas and forging pathways to integrate life skills education beyond traditional classroom settings.

The Conference offered a dynamic platform for life skills practitioners to engage with pioneering leaders and innovators in the field. The valuable insights and recommendations garnered from the event are set to significantly influence future initiatives aimed at advancing life skills education.

About Life Skills Collaborative (LSC)

The Life Skills Collaborative (LSC) is a collaborative of 18 organisations backed by multi-sectoral expertise, focused on championing life skills for Indias young people to thrive, through an extensive on-ground outreach program. Life Skills – or social-emotional skills – are guiding principles that help us navigate through life, especially in adversity. These are essential for Indias youth to grow, thrive and succeed.


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