Kotak Mahindra Bank: 3 Employees Investigated for Opening 2000+ Fraudulent Accounts

On February 29, Kotak Mahindra Bank says that the Cyber Crime Police in Gurugram has initiated an investigation against three of its employees in Gurugram. The inquiry stems from a fraud complaint filed by a customer.

The bank stated, “Three employees are under investigation by the Cyber Crime Police in Manesar, Gurugram, based on a complaint filed by an individual for defrauding him. The police are currently looking into the details of the complaint.”

This investigation was prompted by allegations that the three employees were involved in the fraudulent opening of more than 2000 accounts within the same branch in Gurugram. The bank is cooperating with the authorities as they delve into the matter.

The nature of the alleged fraud and the specific details of the customer complaint are yet to be fully disclosed. The Cyber Crime Police in Gurugram will continue their investigation to ascertain the extent and specifics of the reported fraudulent activities.

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