JPMorgan asserts that Nvidia maintains a competitive advantage, staying ahead of competitors by 1-2 steps.

JPMorgan maintains its Overweight rating on Nvidia following the company’s keynote presentation at its GPU Technology Conference.

In a research note to investors, the analyst informs that the company has provided updates on its accelerated computing products, platforms, and solutions across various targeted end markets. Additionally, they announced the introduction of their next-generation Blackwell accelerated GPU computing architecture and the subsequent B200 chipset, aimed at artificial intelligence and data center acceleration. The firm highlights that the B200 GPU chips exhibit significant performance enhancements compared to the previous H100 GPU chipset, boasting a 2.5-times training improvement and a 5-times inference improvement. JPMorgan believes Nvidia is strategically positioned to capitalize on significant secular trends in AI, high-performance computing, gaming, and autonomous vehicles. The firm asserts that the company maintains a competitive edge, remaining ahead of its competitors by 1-2 steps.

Nvidia’s newest artificial intelligence chip, the “Blackwell” B200, is set to be priced between $30,000 and $40,000, according to CNBC. These high-end server GPUs, like Nvidia’s H100s, play a vital role in training and deploying extensive AI models, making them highly sought-after assets for tech giants such as Microsoft and Meta, which have made significant investments in these technologies.

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