Jeff Bezos Sold $2 Billion in Amazon Stock: Strategic Sales Aligned with Trading Plan and Miami Relocation

Jeff Bezos has recently divested approximately $2 billion worth of Amazon ($AMZN) stock, as indicated by financial filings.

The sales spanned multiple days, commencing on Friday and extending through Monday, during which Bezos sold a total of 11,997,698 Amazon shares, amounting to about $2.08 billion.

Notably, these transactions were executed in accordance with a predetermined trading plan adopted by Bezos in November, outlined in Amazon’s 2023 annual filing. This plan outlines Bezos’ intention to sell 50 million Amazon shares before January 31, 2025.

It’s worth mentioning that Bezos had disclosed a separate sale of Amazon stock exceeding $2 billion a few days prior. This followed another substantial sale last week, where he sold almost 12 million shares valued at over $2 billion—the first instance of him selling Amazon stock since May 2021.

In November, Bezos made headlines for gifting approximately $240 million worth of Amazon shares, providing a different dimension to his financial activities.

The pace of Bezos’ stock sales has notably increased since he announced in November his decision to relocate from Seattle to Miami, a move driven by his desire to be closer to his fiancée, Lauren Sanchez, his parents, and to oversee Blue Origin’s operations.

These developments highlight the strategic and planned nature of Jeff Bezos’ stock sales, considering both personal and operational factors, as indicated by his trading plan and recent relocations.

Jeff Bezos has sold an additional $2 billion worth of Amazon ($AMZN) stock, making his total Amazon stock sales for February 2024 reach $6 billion.

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