It was a ‘Celebration of Learning’ at Manthan’s Annual School Day Event

Manthan International School, part of the International Schools Partnership (ISP) group, a global family of 77 schools across 21 countries recently organized its Annual Day, Pratibimb (for Junior KG to Grade 3 students) and Rangmanthan (Grades 4-12) recently. The event was attended by over 5000+ people including families of the learners and the entire Manthan team.

Manthan students performing at the School Annual Day event

The Pratibimb events were created as reflections of learning that happened in class throughout the year. The Rangmanthan events incorporated all club activities that the students are part of and showcased their skills in music, dance, theatre, sports and the arts.

The shows had attractive formats such as “Tamasha“, which included the depiction of indigenous Indian games while describing the various stages of life. The story of a teenager was showcased using theatre within a theatre with props that were created on the spot through live painting. A musical skit, ‘Entertainment through the Ages‘, looked at how entertaining and being entertained has changed from the time of gramophones to that of mobile gadgets.

Capturing the rich tapestry of the country’s history, the show Golden Ages of India took the audience through the magnificent journey of glory and valour through performances in drama, dance and music. “Confluence” was the Grand Finale event that celebrated a multicultural extravaganza of global sounds and rhythms presented by Music Club students.

Speaking on the occasion, Surjeet Singh, Principal, of Manthan International School said, “I give a huge shout-out to all students and teachers who gave their very best in this four-day-long event, where the school presented eight shows and all 1850+ students participated. The talent, enthusiasm, and hard work exhibited by our students were evident in every performance, reflecting the vibrant and dynamic spirit of our school. Their performances not only showcased their unique talents but also highlighted the collective strength of our student body. I also extend heartfelt gratitude to parents for their enthusiastic attendance and support of the school at this annual event.”

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About Manthan International School

Manthan International School is a part of the International Schools Partnership (ISP) – a global community of 77 schools across 21 countries. It was set up with a mission to build socially aware and responsible citizens. Manthan is a place where children are not afraid to be their authentic selves and learn to create a positive impact in their communities. The vision of the school is to provide an all-round education and nurture a child’s innate curiosity to help the child achieve excellence.

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