ISWAI Urges Responsible Alcobev Consumption to Enhance the Celebration of Our Big-fat Indian Weddings

Celebrations, especially weddings, are joyous occasions that bring together friends and family. Weddings are the 4th largest industry in India, and it is expected to add Rs 4.25 lakh crore to GDP in 2023, an industry that will never go out of fashion.

Source: FSSAI

The wedding season has just begun in India, including the Delhi-NCR region, which will host more than 35 lakh weddings this season, according to the traders body. Alcobev often plays a central role in these festivities.

The International Spirits and Wines Association of India (ISWAI), the apex body of the premium AlcoBev sector, urges responsible alcobev consumption that can further enhance the celebration of our big-fat Indian weddings.

Ms. Nita Kapoor, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), ISWAI, said, “It is important to note that alcobev products have varying levels of alcohol content. Many believe that a product with a lower alcohol content is a relatively milder product. However, this belief is based on a lack of understanding about the composition of alcohol.

One reason behind this misconception is the way alcohol content is labeled and perceived in different beverages. Alcoholic products often display their alcohol-by-volume (ABV), which indicates the percentage of alcohol in the entire SKU. Consumers might mistakenly assume that drinks with a lower ABV alcohol are milder However, standard serving sizes have the same amount of pure alcohol,” said Mr. Suresh Menon, Secretary-General, ISWAI.

Ms. Kapoor, further added, “For instance, a 99ml glass of wine at 13% ABV, a 30ml serving of spirits at 42.8% ABV, or a 257ml glass of beer at 5% ABV all contain the same amount of pure alcohol. In this example, even though the spirits have a higher ABV, they contain the same alcohol per standard serving. This means that drinking multiple glasses of lower-ABV drinks can result in a higher alcohol intake compared to consuming a smaller quantity of a higher-ABV product.

Moderation of alcobev consumption plays an important role when you choose your drink of preference – what you are consuming, how much you are consuming, and how frequently you are consuming matters.

A successful wedding celebration is one where cherished memories are made without compromising on anyones well-being. Let us raise our glasses in a toast to love, happiness, and responsible revelry!

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