Mainboard and SME IPO GMP as of December 26th, 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

Navigating the ever-changing world of IPOs can be tricky, but valuable insights from Grey Market Premium (GMP) can help you make informed decisions. Here’s a detailed breakdown of Mainboard and SME IPO GMPs as of December 26th, 2023:

Mainboard IPOs

Company Issue Price (IP) GMP Range Potential Listing Gain (%)
Happy Forgings ₹850 ₹255-265 30-31%
RBZ Jewellers ₹100 ₹2-3 2-3%
Credo Brands ₹280 ₹80-85 28-30%
Azad Engineering ₹524 ₹275-285 53-54%
Innova Captab ₹448 ₹115-125 25-28%


Company Issue Price (IP) GMP Range Potential Listing Gain (%)
Shanti Spintex ₹70 ₹3-5 4-7%
Electro Force India ₹93 ₹-1 (Seller) -1%
Trident Techlabs ₹35 ₹37-39 5-11%
Supreme Power ₹65 ₹50-53 77-81%
Indifa Ltd ₹65 ₹-6 to -8 (Seller) -9 to -12%
Sameera Agro ₹180 ₹-12 to -18 (Seller) -7 to -10%
AIK Pipes ₹89 ₹-5 to -8 (Seller) -6 to -9%

Insights and Conclusion

Here are some key takeaways from the data:

* **Mainboard IPOs:** Happy Forgings and Azad Engineering boast strong GMPs, indicating significant investor interest and potential listing gains. Credo Brands and Innova Captab show moderate investor confidence with decent potential gains. RBZ Jewellers exhibits relatively low GMP, suggesting cautious investor sentiment.
* **SME IPOs:** Present a mixed bag, with Supreme Power demonstrating potential while others indicate seller dominance.
* **Remember:** GMP is not a guaranteed indicator of listing performance. Conduct thorough research and consider various factors before investing. Stay updated on market trends and news to make informed decisions.

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