Indyverse: Revolutionizing Fashion E-commerce with Personalised Styling and 3D Fashion

Indyverse, the pioneering phygital marketplace, has emerged as a trailblazer in the fashion e-commerce landscape, seamlessly blending the physical and digital realms to redefine the shopping experience. Co-founded by industry veterans Ravineet Singh Marwah and Roop Kaur, Indyverse has not only disrupted the market but has also garnered attention from fashion powerhouses Farah Khan Ali and Falguni Shane Peacock, who have recently joined forces with the brand as investors and mentors to the founders. What sets Indyverse apart is its dedication to understanding customers deeply, enhancing their shopping experience, and providing a haven for personalized styling services.

Ravineet Singh Marwah and Roop Kaur, Co-founders , Indyverse

In the last six months, Indyverse has built an impressive pool of renowned fashion stylists, boasting a base of over 300+ designer brands and a dedicated consumer community of over 100K. Founders Ravineet Singh Marwah and Roop Kaur, with their extensive backgrounds in luxury retail and fashion brand building, have propelled Indyverse into a league of its own. The brand’s success is further underlined by its three revenue streams, which include end-to-end styling services, a unique profit-sharing model with designers and brands, and 3D fashion showcasing at the BYND REALITY platform. Indyverse has also recently secured USD 600K in seed funding from the esteemed Falguni Shane Peacock, a testament to the brands potential. The funding comes at a crucial juncture as Indyverse continues to disrupt the fashion e-commerce landscape and extend its global footprint.

The platforms mission is to ensure each interaction leaves customers inspired and satisfied, and the numbers speak for themselves. In 2023 Indyverse was featured at the prestigious Bombay Times Fashion Week, where it garnered much acclaim for its curated collection of designer brands. The brand’s key achievements include:

Strategic Partnerships: Indyverse has strategically partnered with renowned fashion icons Farah Khan Ali and Falguni Shane Peacock, a move that not only emphasizes their commitment to diversity and creativity but also adds immeasurable value to the platform.

Innovative Technology: The worlds first phygital marketplace, Indyverse introduces a 3D fashion experience on the BYND REALITY platform, setting new standards for customer engagement and satisfaction in online shopping.

Triple Revenue Streams: Indyverse stands out with three robust revenue streams, including end-to-end styling services, a unique profit-sharing model with onboarded designers and brands, and 3D fashion showcasing at BYND REALITY platform.

Global Expansion: With a strong growth strategy in place, Indyverse is poised to expand its reach to the USA and the Middle East in the next phase, leveraging its diverse revenue streams.

Poised for exponential growth in 2024, Indyverse is now welcoming investors to join in their exciting journey as they revolutionize the future of fashion. Indyverse presents a unique opportunity to be part of a cutting-edge, innovative platform that is reshaping the way customers experience and interact with fashion. The brands commitment to innovation, coupled with its triple revenue streams and strategic partnerships, positions it as a lucrative investment for those looking to be at the forefront of the fashion-tech revolution.

“At Indyverse, were not just shaping the future of fashion; were redefining the entire shopping experience. Our unique blend of technology, innovation, and a deep understanding of customer behaviour sets us apart. We invite investors to join us on this transformative journey as we continue to push the boundaries of whats possible in the world of fashion e-commerce,” said Ravineet Singh Marwah and Roop Kaur, Co-founders, Indyverse.

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